Semi Permanent Pink

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I've got a heap of pigment packed into my formula so you can use me on unbleached hair. I'm definitely a pink but you may need to add a bit of conditioner to create a less pink/ red tone on lighter hair.

We make products that work on a whole heap of hair types - so strand testing to make sure things are perfect for you before application is always the best plan.

Babe i’m a super strong semi permanent colour designed to last 5 - 30 washes. I’ve got so much power in each tube.

To create vibrant colour apply me to light or pre-lightened/ bleached hair.  To create tonal colour apply me to brunette hair.

Get creative by mixing your own custom colour. Add pastel mix or conditioner to any colour in the range to create pastel colours.

I’m best applied to clean dry hair. Make sure that you cover your clothes as colouring hair can be a bit messy. Before application make sure you have conducted a strand test to make sure you know what colour you and I are going to be together.

Protect your hairline and ears with petroleum jelly then paint me on and blend through your hair from roots to tip. Make sure your wearing rubber gloves.

Leave me for ten or so  minutes before checking the colour. You can leave me on as long as you want as I won’t damage your hair. It may just make the colour last longer. Half an hour is about normal.

When you rinse me make sure you minimise the colour rinsing over your body and face, perhaps by rinsing over a sink. Make sure you rinse until the water runs clear.

I will fade out over 5 - 30 washes depending on your hair.

If you’re over me before i’m over you, you can speed up colour removal by applying a shampoo bath. Shampoo your hair with cheap shampoo or anti-dandruff shampoo and leave the lather for 15 minutes or so before rinsing.

Pinks and purples can last for longer if you use the Make Me Shampoo & Conditioner.

I’m vegan & PETA certified.

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